Friday, April 22, 2011

Super bibs!

Bibs are a great way to enhance your clothes. Depending on how you mix and match, bibs will glam up your outfit and make you look oh-so-irresistible! 

Tribal with a lil asian feel to it. 
RM79 RM39
*with matching earrings* 

Casual yet glamorous!
RM69 RM34
*with matching earrings*

This bib necklace is unique with netted rhinestones, animal print stones & metal chains. Do wonders with that little black dress of yours, or plain casual t-shirt. Goes wonderful with plain caftans or baju kurung. It can be worn or sewed on to you clothes. 

Gorgeous bibs with animal print beadings. 
RM70 RM35
*with matching earrings*

Also available in brown
RM70 RM35
*with matching earrings*

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